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Explore a few of my recent instructional design projects below! 



Articulate Rise360: 
Navigating HIPAA in a Digital World

This interactive eLearning course explores challenges and risks associated with HIPAA compliance in the digital age. Learners review consequences of violations, master best practices when handling digital health records, and explore common myths and pitfalls. Interactive games and quizzes provide comprehension checks from start to finish. Try out the course here


Articulate Storyline:
Supporting Every Student

This scenario-based eLearning course helps teachers and school staff understand and comply with WA State laws and district policies regarding LGBT students. Learners explore content from a virtual desk, then determine best practices as they navigate common but challenging situations with a new student. Try it out here



Instructional Video:
JASP Data Analysis Tutorial

This instructional video was created as a class project to walk students through instructions in the data analysis program JASP. I created this video with the tools Camtasia, Canva, Snagit, and Audacity. Check it out here


Branching Scenario Storyboard:
Patient Conversations 

This branching scenario storyboard was designed to support a hospital's goal of improving communication between nurses and patients. Visit this link to see my design process, storyboard, and explore a click-through prototype of 'Patient Conversations'! 

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