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Tinkering Around with Reverse Engineering

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

We can only improve by studying the work of experts! Join me on my journey to reverse engineer a branching scenario course.

Reverse engineering is the process of dismantling something to see how it works. This is a useful skill in all kinds of industries, and instructional design is no exception! By understanding all of the pieces and steps that were involved in creating the final product, we can gain a ton of insight into how we can construct high-quality products of our own.

This particular reverse engineering project is a first for me! It marks my first experience creating a high-level design document or formally reverse engineering a course. The course we'll be looking at today is a branching scenario on managing conflicts in the workplace. You are welcome to check it out here. If you're ready to take a deep dive into what makes a branching scenario tick, check out my design document below!

Hayley Sayre high-level design document OPWL551 (3)
Download PDF • 319KB

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